Winds of Home:
8-bit RPG Town Themes for Wind Synth

Anyone that grew up playing JRPGs will be familiar with the sense of relief that accompanied returning to an in-game town. You no longer had to fear monsters in random encounters, you could buy all the restorative items you needed, or you could have a well-earned rest at a welcoming inn. The music of these towns brought them to life, conveying safety and serenity with sweet melodies, or depicting bustling activity through bopping bass lines. 'Winds of Home' is a collection of these iconic town themes from 8-bit JRPGs, given fresh life in arrangements for the EWI (Electric Wind Instrument).

Soundole VGM Covers (Peter Anthony Smith) invites you to join in a nostalgic journey to give your day a dose of calm, sweetness, and hope.

Album arranged and produced by Soundole VGM Covers (Peter Anthony Smith)
Album art done by Olav Larsen

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